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International Sail and Power Association Partners


International Sail & Power Association is proud to announce Business Partners that will offer substantial discounts to all International Sail & Power Members. When you have received your membership card please visit the website of all our partners and enjoy the benefits offered. 

Our Mission

"The International Sail and Power Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the training of both sail and power boat operators, on the water, with an emphasis on safe handling and skillful use of pleasure craft."

International Sail and Power Association Board of Directors

  • President: Dave Martin
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Lorraine Bell  
  • Jack Dale
  • Agathe Gaulin
  • Ian MacPherson
  • Merion Martin
  • Barry Messer
  • Victor Lironi
Instructor Evaluators ( I.E.)
  • Jack Dale 
  • Warren Hale
  • Victor Lironi 
  • Ian MacPherson 
  • Dave Martin
  • Jim McLaughlin
  • Paul Miller
  • Dave McVey
  • Richard Pochereva
  • Jacqueline Randen